Tampa loses its 30-year-old record store

Vinyl Fever Tampa logoWhile the focus of this blog is on reviews, I would also like to post occasional news about record stores and events. It is a shame that my first news post is a depressing one. Tampa’s Vinyl Fever closed this past weekend. The store was born in 1981 and in addition to new and used vinyl, it stocked CDs and all sorts of music memorabilia. Last September, Vinyl Fever made the top 25 in a Rolling Stone article entitled “The Best Record Stores in the USA.” The members of the staff were great supporters of the Tampa music scene and scheduled local and touring artists for in-store performances. Amazingly, customers were able to take gift cards from other stores and exchange them for store credit. That is something I have never heard of! Unfortunately, I have never visited Vinyl Fever, but it is pretty obvious that it was an incredible place with an awesome staff that really cared about music and its customers.

“It has been a great run!” said store owner/manager Lee Wolfson in a press release. “We feel honored and fortunate to have lived such a long business life doing what we love. We would have liked to make it to 33 and 1/3 [years], but the combination of industry changes, a difficult economy, and the upcoming expiration of our lease has forced our hand.”

To read more coverage about the closing, check out Tampa Bay Online and the St. Petersburg Times. Also, follow Vinyl Fever on Twitter and Facebook to read recent updates.

People shopping at Vinyl Fever

Photo by Melanie Levi

If anybody has ever shopped at Vinyl Fever, please feel free to leave some thoughts in the comment section. What were some of your favorite dollar-bin finds from there?

Video coverage and footage of Wye Oak performing at Vinyl Fever after the jump.

This is a nice video piece by ABC Action News. There’s a shot that shows a massive dollar-section and a bin that says 3 for $1! I would have loved it there.

Wye Oak doing an in-store on October 7, 2009.

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1 Response to Tampa loses its 30-year-old record store

  1. Lily says:

    Wow–It’s so sad to see a wonderful place like this close down. It’s so obvious that the owners and workers are so passionate for music.

    I hope something similar springs up near by.

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