A hobby without borders

Thai record sleeve

Photo by bunky's pickle

It is often said that music is a universal language. That is something that I have always believed to be true. A lot of times there are no words in any language that could possibly describe the feelings that music evokes. It is even possible to appreciate an outstanding piece of music that has lyrics in a language that one may not speak. To go along with that, it seems that vinyl records are a beloved format all around the world.

The following two articles briefly examine the state of crate digging in Thailand and Kenya. It is great to see that family-owned shops are striving in other countries and people of all ages are eager to explore music by purchasing vintage records. This CNN Go piece about Thailand, follows Chris Menist, a British DJ, who patiently sorts through records in hopes of finding a gem.

“Because all the artist titles were in Thai script, and the album covers rarely give an indication of the style of music, I had to go through each shop section by section, record by record. Never in all my years of collecting have I had that intense or robotic record sifting experience.” -Chris Menist

While he calls the process robotic, I think it is actually great that he took so much time giving each record a chance, instead of making snap judgments based on cover art.

Likewise, this Daily Nation article shows that music fans in Kenya treasure their music findings and enjoy every note.

“I create time to listen to LPs and it is not the sort of music that you can listen to in a hurry. Discipline is critical.” -Dr. George Onyango Ooko

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