Rhythmic biking

featsperminuteFrom radio to 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs and now mp3s, cars have been equipped to play music for many years. Sadly, the bicycle has not seen such a connection with music. Sure riders can enjoy music by carrying cassette, CD or mp3 players, but it has to be an external device. Earlier this year a group of creative and ambitious folks in Amsterdam, explored a way to create a stronger link between music and bikes. The group started a project called Feats Per Minute and found a way to add a vinyl player to the infrastructure of a bike. They created a prototype by placing the player within the wheel and a horn for amplification. While there are still a lot of aspects to work out and this might not be the best way to keep vinyl in good condition, the idea is pretty cool. Learn more about the project here: www.featsperminute.com and check out the bike in the video below.

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